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Holistic health care involves treating the whole person as well as the presenting ailment or condition. The result is an improvement of the individual’s specific health condition and their general health and well-being.

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Naturopathy applies the use of herbal medicines and nutritional supplements to stimulate the body towards healing...

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Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a gentle but powerful form of body work whereby subtle moves are performed over the muscles...

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Myofascial Dry Needling

Myofascial Dry Needling aims to rebalance the Qi energy by the application of needles to specific points...

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Iridology is a valuable diagnostic tool employed by naturopaths to assist with the evaluation of an individual’s health...

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Herbal Medicine

The oldest form of medicine, Herbal Medicine is still widely used throughout the world today...

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A combination of soft tissue and deep tissue massage can be utilised to alleviate tension and relieve stress within the muscle tissues...

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  • Lucette Poggi

    I have always found Brian to be very professional in his dealings with my particular worries, and I have been astonished at his skilful ability to know exactly what herbs to prescribe which has done wonders with my digestive problems. Brian has also given me numerous massages, Bowen treatment and acupuncture, all of which have benefitted me enormously.

    Lucette Poggi
  • Elea Occhuito
    Brian is an ethical, empathetic, socially responsible and spiritually aware person who, refreshingly, practises what he preaches. I felt comfortable at all times during my sessions, very relaxed within minutes of the treatment beginning, and walked away with a sense of reconnection with my body which I had not experienced since the birth of my son some 16 months prior. Indeed, I leave Brian’s Practice feeling relieved and extraordinarily uplifted. This in turn translates to a more positive and productive state of being which benefits not only me but my family and clients. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending him to anyone else in pursuit of a state of well-being.
    Elea Occhuito
  • Joanne Dorahy
    Just a short note to let you know how grateful I am to you for your professional, empathetic and effective attention to my recent allergic reaction and related symptoms. I have consulted other naturopaths in the past but have found you to be the most thorough and effective, even when I have had to ask for an appointment at short notice. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to my family and friends.
    Joanne Dorahy
  • Helen Christopher
    I have had Bowen Therapy followed by lymphatic/respiratory work and intense massage to most of the body with attention to my feet. I found that after my treatment my body seems more balanced, there is no lower back or shoulder pain and I am able to sustain longer periods of standing without aching legs. My weekly treatment is a very relaxing, comfortable and therapeutic time for my personal well-being.
    Helen Christopher
  • Ron Gray

    My initial consultation proved really informative and I soon developed an excellent rapport with Brian and felt quite comfortable in his consulting room. We not only discussed my current health problems but we also talked about past treatments … the conversation also drifted quite comfortably into relationships and family background. There was no pressure as it was general informative conversation. I left the premises with a bottle of herbal medicine and an optimistic feeling that Brian was going to be able to help me. There was a huge improvement inside a week – I felt that a recovery was possible. The next session with Brian was excellent and after listening carefully he produced another herbal remedy that specifically targeted by described problems. Brian has been very professional in the way he has organised my recovery and I do now regard him as a good friend. I have already recommended him to my friends.

    Ron Gray
  • Margaret Trutwein
    I am writing to thank you for all the assistance, kindness and professionalism you have displayed towards me over the years. Your ability to listen, to accurately diagnose using naturopathic means and to make yourself available whenever I required assistance in the form of herbal remedies, massages and Reiki has been truly wonderful. My health has steadily improved. I am now back playing sport, working full time and coping with everyday life as my energy level has improved, my back and neck pain in under control and that persistent cough has finally gone.
    Margaret Trutwein
  • Amber Simcoe
    I have always found Brian to be very professional, compassionate and generous. I have always felt comfortable and relaxed during the treatments. He is obviously well-qualified in many different areas of natural therapy. I have recommended him to friends in the past; they have also found him to be well worth the return visits.
    Amber Simcoe

Brian Daly
is a qualified naturopath with over fifteen years experience in health care.

Brian is a naturopathic practitioner at Belmont Holistic Health Care, providing clients with everything from Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Myofascial Dry Needling, Bowen Therapy, Pain Management, Massage, Health Products to Iridology.

Brian has completed a Diploma of Natural Medicine and a Diploma of Herbal Medicine at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine. He has also completed a Bachelor of Arts (with majors in Psychology and Sociology) at Curtin University of Technology and a Bachelor of Social Work Degree at the University of Western Australia. Brian has worked as a social worker in the area of mental health and is a registered member of the Complementary Medicine Association, a professional body for Naturopaths.

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Brian has treated the following conditions resulting in improved outcomes for clients

  • Digestive disorders – bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, rebalancing digestive flora
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • Weight loss
  • Diabetes and blood sugar fluctuations
  • Anti-ageing
  • Chronic fatigue and low energy
  • Impaired immunity - frequent infections, colds, flus, viruses, etc.
  • Pain management and reduction
  • Neck and back pain
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Allergies and hay fever
  • Women’s health - hormonal balancing, natural fertility, pre-conception and pregnancy care, menopause, PMS, menstrual pain, PCOS
  • Men’s health – prostatitis, fertility, sexual function, general well-being
  • Skin conditions – eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Detoxification
  • General Health and overall well-being

These are just some of the conditions Brian has treated.
Please contact Brian to see if he can assist with your particular concern.

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